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The Complex of Hué Monuments, An Dinh Palace – Vietnam

In this reconstruction I have tried to reconstruct a Palace and the whole surrounding environment with the combination of aerial and terrestrial photogrammetry.
Number of Photos:
Aerial: 1315
Terrestrial: 267.
Cameras &Resolution:
Aerial: DJI Phantom 4 Pro [5464×3640];
Terrestrial: Nikon D810 [7360×4912],
Phase One [11608×8708].
Site Description
The Complex of Hué Monuments is located within the Thua Thien-Hue Province in the geographical center of Vietnam. Established as the capital of unified Vietnam in 1802, Hue was not only the political but also the cultural and religious center under the Nguyen dynasty until 1945. The Hué Monuments Complex has suffered from the effects of wars, as well as modern development and expanding human settlements.
source: [].
Data set Citation:
“CyArk 2019: Complex of Hué Monuments – An Dinh Palace – LiDAR – Terrestrial , Photogrammetry – Terrestrial , Photogrammetry – Aerial . Collected by CyArk . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.”

The Great Mosque, Kilwa Kisiwani, Tanzania

In this video I experimented with a combined approach between aerial photogrammetry and terrestrial photogrammetry. If you like the video put a like on my page and write me if you need help, see you soon!
Number of Photos:
Aerial: 417
Terrestrial: 1310.
Cameras &Resolution:
Aerial: DJI Mavic Pro [4056×3040];
Terrestrial: Nikon D810 [7360×4912],
Iphone X [4032×3024].
Site Description
“Kilwa Kisiwani was inscribed into the World Heritage List (with Songo Mnara) in 1981 as an exceptional testimony to the expansion of the Swahili coastal culture, the spread of Islam in East Africa and the extraordinarily extensive and prosperous Indian Ocean trade from the medieval period up to the modern era. The Great Mosque of Kilwa is the oldest standing mosque on the East African coast.”
Data set Citation:2020: Great Mosque – Kilwa Kisiwani – LiDAR – Terrestrial , Photogrammetry – Terrestrial , Photogrammetry – Aerial . Collected by CyArk . Distributed by Open Heritage 3D.

The Ancient Corinth, Greece

In this video I experienced the possibilities of rebuilding the Diffuse, Normal and Occlusion maps. Look at the result.This is a fantastic option for those who produce textures or video games. If you like the video write to me if you need help, see you soon!
Dataset citation:CyArk 2018: Ancient Corinth – LiDAR – Terrestrial , Photogrammetry , LiDAR – Terrestrial . Collected by The American School of Classical Studies at Athens , CyArk . Distrubuted by Open Heritage.

S’ena e Thomes, the most important funerary monument in Sardinia.

Good morning guys, this is a new animation that I got from the 3D reconstruction from a video that was provided to me by my friend @valentinoselis. In particular, I extracted the frames from the video, I processed the photos, I generated the meshes and textures and finally I created the animation.
Location: Dorgali, Nuoro, Sardinia
Number of photos processed: 62
Resolution of photos: 2720×1536

A new way of seeing the archaeological heritage of Sardinia.

Hi Guys, is there any of you who want to share a sample of an archaeological dataset hd or 4k (30 photos around a nuraghe or domus dejanas or internal-external ..) or a short 360 degree video (<2min ), who wants to try my 3D reconstruction and animation service?
Location: Nuraghe Ruju, Chiaramonti, Sardinia.
Photos: 32
Resolution: 13 Mpx
Device: Huawei Smartphone (Dual cameras + Gps)

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    Metashape Agisoft Coaching - FAQ

    • Goodmorning, i want to reconstruct old houses and temples from photos, is that possible on the standard version or i should be needing the professional version to do that?

    To reconstruct the objects simply the Standard version is sufficient, first of all it is possible to dimension and resize the object only after having exported it; the interactive pdf format performs this function well. I recommend buying the professional version for more precise jobs and where you want to save on post-production times and to scale the object with the markers that you find in the work area.

    • Good evening, what is the best way to take pictures (with drone) for a façade?

    The best way to take photos for the return of a facade is of the type parallel to its main length and inclined to capture any third dimensions of a newsstand or bas-relief. With the drone the closer you get the more you have detail, with a distance of 4 or 5 meters you should already have a fair result.

    • Hello, I would like to rebuild a model of 600/700 photos, to be able to save time, I'd better split into more chunks?

    Dividing in more Chunks you actually get the opposite result to what you wanted. PhotoScan works by interpolating photographs for a minimum area of 40% and needs all the images necessary to interlace one photo with the other.

    • Why can not I zoom in on a (large) model exported to pdf?

    The problem is caused by an excessive resolution of the polygons. You can solve this using the decimate mesh tool. Care must be taken not to lose the accuracy required for a good end result.

    Photoscan, Tips & Tricks

    1) Image Capture Tips: Equipment and Shooting ScenariosAuthor: Agisoft - Format: *.pdf
    Which is the appropriate equipment to acquire a set of image data to be processed with Agisoft PhotoScan?
    2) Image Capture Tips: Full Body Capture
    Author: Agisoft - Format: *.pdf
    What should be done in the case of a bodyscanning project?
    3) Technical Guide and Production Tips
    Author: blank|Repository organization . Format: *.pdf
    Tips authored by _blank|Repository organization describe good practices, problems of the scanning and processing pipelines and the ways to avoid such problems and optimize results in Agisoft PhotoScan.
    4) Calibrated Scale Bar Placement and Processing tips
    Author: Cultural Heritage Imaging - Format:  *.pdf
    What are the basic principles of using calibrated scale bars? We read the tips   authored by Cultural Heritage Imaging including the scale bar positioning and processing options of Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.
    5) Memory Requirements Tips
    Author: Agisoft - Format: *.pdf


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