– Align Photos 

tecnica circolare

At this stage PhotoScan refines the camera position for each photo and builds the model point cloud . Select the command Align Photos menu Workflow.

Schermata 08-2457620 alle 23.42.37

Set the following recommended values for the parameters in the dialog box Align Photos : Accuracy : Medium ( MacBookPro OSX Lion v.10.7.5 ) .Pair preselection : Disabled ( for faster processing of

large number of photos may be used preset generic )

Constrain features by mask : Disabled ( if all the masked area

It was static during filming )

Points for photo: 5847

Click OK button to kick start the photo alignment.

The process of the Left half of the fish..

Schermata 08-2457620 alle 23.42.40  Schermata 08-2457620 alle 23.43.06

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