Add Photos 

tecnica parallela

To add the photos taken from the file menu, select or click on the Add button located in the Photos Workspace toolbar . From the dialog box, select the files that need to be processed , then click the Open button . They handle 43 photos taken at a resolution of 12 megapixel .

Align Photos 

At this stage PhotoScan refines the camera position for each photo and builds the model point cloud. To activate the alignment phase go to the File menu, Workflow and click on Align Photos.

Roman Theatre

Set the following recommended values for the parameters in the dialog box Align Photos :

Accuracy : Medium ( MacBookPro OSX Lion v.10.7.5 )

Pair preselection : Disabled ( for faster processing of large number of photos may be used preset generic )

Constrain features by mask : Disabled ( if all the masked area It was static during filming )

Points for photo: 40000

Click OK button to kick start the photo alignment .

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