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1) Image Capture Tips: Equipment and Shooting Scenarios

Author: Agisoft – Format: *.pdf

Which is the appropriate equipment to acquire a set of image data to be processed with Agisoft PhotoScan? I help you avoid most common mistakes while shooting.

2) Image Capture Tips: Full Body Capture

Author: Agisoft – Format: *.pdf

What are the main tips to follow in case of a whole body acquisition project?

3) Technical Guide and Production Tips

Author: blank|Repository organization . Format: *.pdf

Tips authored by _blank|Repository organization describe good practices, problems of the scanning and processing pipelines and the ways to avoid such problems and optimize results in Agisoft PhotoScan.

4) Calibrated Scale Bar Placement and Processing tips

Author: Cultural Heritage Imaging – Format:  *.pdf

What are the basic principles of using calibrated scale bars? We read the tips   authored by Cultural Heritage Imaging including the scale bar positioning and processing options of Agisoft PhotoScan Pro.

5) Memory Requirements Tips

Author: Agisoft – Format: *.pdf

The tips show approximate consumption peaks in memory that depend on the processing phase undertaken, the reconstruction settings used, and the number and resolution of photos.