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 Gabriele Mura

My goal with this site is to help you rebuild your 3D models from photos or videos elaboration (With Agisoft Metashape). Contact me to work together.

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Gabriele Mura,

Some Animations

Reconstruction of a modern amphitheater with the mavic pro2 drone

Hi guys, I reconstructed this amphitheater model and created the animation from a dji mavic 2pro drone flight. I processed photos taken by my friend Daniel Bruun in “Circular Hyperlaps” mode. If you like the video, follow me and like the page, thanks.
Location: Fishermen’s Memorial Grove, Esbjerg, Denmark
Number of photos processed: 175
Resolution of photos: 5472×3648

S’ena e Thomes, the most important funerary monument in Sardinia.

Good morning guys, this is a new animation that I got from the 3D reconstruction from a video that was provided to me by my friend @valentinoselis. In particular, I extracted the frames from the video, I processed the photos, I generated the meshes and textures and finally I created the animation.
Location: Dorgali, Nuoro, Sardinia
Number of photos processed: 62
Resolution of photos: 2720×1536

A new way of seeing the archaeological heritage of Sardinia.

Hi Guys, is there any of you who want to share a sample of an archaeological dataset hd or 4k (30 photos around a nuraghe or domus dejanas or internal-external ..) or a short 360 degree video (<2min ), who wants to try my 3D reconstruction and animation service?
Location: Nuraghe Ruju, Chiaramonti, Sardinia.
Photos: 32
Resolution: 13 Mpx
Device: Huawei Smartphone (Dual cameras + Gps)

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