articoli scritti da professionisti sulla fotogrammetria

Articoli scritti da professionisti


Art and design
Artist Documents “Ritual of Habits” with 3D Scanning and 3D Printing
20 February 2018
All3DP 3D Printing News
Agisoft PhotoScan Review
22 May 2017
Nick Lievendag
Creating Assets for the Open World Demo
03 April 2015
Harrison Moor
Visual Revolution of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter
25 March 2014
Andrzej Poznanski
A Sandstone Block Built from Lego, Blending Real Objects with 3D Prints
Greg Petchkovsky
3D scanner… With a camera!
03 September 2012
Nicolas Brunet aka 1k0
Tudor warship brought to life online via 3D modelling
07 Sepember 2016
Charlotte Ashley
3D Archaeology. New Perspectives and Challenges – The Example of Çatalhöyük
4 February 2014
Maurizio Forte
What’s Next in Archaeology?
22 April 2013
Bill Caraher
Taking computer vision aloft – Archaeological three-dimensional reconstructions from aerial photographs with PhotoScan
Geert Verhoeven
Full head and body  scanning
Building your own 3D scanner out of off-the-shelf parts
27 February 2014
artanim – The moving foundation
The Art of Photogrammetry: Introduction to Software and Hardware
11 February 2014
Brandon Blizard @
Delivering Aligned and Scaled PhotoScan Outputs
02 April 2013
Lee Perry-Smith (Infinite Realities)
How to: Full Body scanning
24 January 2013
Mark Florquin
Topography and mapping
Using Aerial Robotics and Virtual Reality to Inspect Earthquake Damage in Taiwan
7 February 2016
Jaime Carrera-Hernández
The Use of a Multirotor and High-resolution Imaging for Precision Horticulture in Chile: An Industry Perspective
July 2014
D. Wulfsohn, I. Zamora Lagos
Cultural heritage
“Dolly Varden”
The Shipwreck Project
Image based scanning for buildings recording. Experiments in three scales.
8 December 2012
Tecniche di Computer Vision per la ricostruzione degli incidenti stradali
19 May 2015
Andrea Del Cesta, Francesco Del Cesta
Aerial photography collected with a multirotor drone reveals impact of Eurasian beaver reintroduction on ecosystem structure
29 April 2015
Puttock A.K., Cunliffe A.M., Anderson K., Brazier R.E.