• What do some error messages in Metashape interface mean? 

Read here the meaning of the most common mistakes.

  • Exported DEM in TIF format appears to be black&white when opened in external software.

Here you will find the answer you are looking for.

  • Orthomosaic has been generated properly, but export fails. 

You are probably creating a file that is too large, click here to read the


  • When exported model is opened in MeshLab the texture is not applied. 

Check that you have started the Build Texture from the Workflow

menu and also that you have written the file name without spaces

between one word and the other, then insert the underscore

between one word and the other (example: the_wall).

  • Hello, I have a problem with PhotoScan, when I go to File / Import because I find all the commands in gray?

Hello, you should first create a new Chunk to activate those

functions of the Import menu.

  • Hello, i want to reconstruct old houses and temples from photos, is
       that possible on the standard version or i should be needing the
        professional version to do that?

To reconstruct the objects simply the Standard version is sufficient,

in this case it is possible to dimension and resize the object only

after having exported it; the interactive pdf format performs this

function well. I recommend buying the professional version for more

detailed work and in which you want to save on post-production

times and then dimension or resize the object with the markers

already present in the work area.

  • Good evening, what is the best way to take pictures (with drone) for
       a façade?

The best way to take photos for the return of a facade is of the type

parallel to its main length and inclined to capture any third

dimensions of a newsstand or bas-relief. With the drone the closer

you get the more you have detail, with a distance of 4 or 5 meters

you should already have a fair result.

  • Hello, I would like to rebuild a model of 600/700 photos, to be able
       to save time, I’d better split into more chunks?

Dividing in more Chunks you actually get the opposite result to what

you wanted. PhotoScan works by interpolating photographs for a

minimum area of 40% and needs all the images necessary to

interlace one photo with the other; also breaking or cropping the

meshes the program must take into account the overall bond both

for the alignment and for the union of all the single pieces in a single


  • Why can not I zoom in on a (large) model exported to pdf?

The problem is certainly caused by an oversizing of the polygons

that you could solve with the Decimate mesh command before

exporting, but being careful not to get to lose the detail you need for

a good final result.