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Control of photographs – 30 minutes – € 15

Analysis of your photographic dataset and indications / suggestions to overcome any errors already recorded in the Exif file.

After you purchase, please upload the Dataset to Google Drive and allow to view at my address: archphoto3d@gmail.com

Texture Quality – 45 minutes – € 20 Control

Analysis of your photographic dataset and verification of the quality of the single photo and how it affects the overall texture of the model that is generated. Reporting for the elimination of any photographs taken with poor quality during the acquisition phase.

After you purchase, please upload the Dataset to Google Drive and allow to view at my address: archphoto3d@gmail.com

Verification of photographic technique – 45 minutes – € 30 Control

Analysis of the Dataset and verification of the correct observance of the provisions indicated by the software on the technique. Reporting for the correction of any wrong techniques during the acquisition phase.

After you purchase, please upload the Dataset to Google Drive and allow to view at my address: archphoto3d@gmail.com

Full Reconstruction

– Processing of the photographs to be submitted to alignment;

– Semi-automatic optimization of the positioning of cameras;

– Construction of mesh surfaces based on the point cloud;

– Texture construction to be superimposed on the surfaces of the model, with high quality settings, recovering the color values ​​from photographs;

– Operations to estimate the quality of individual photographs;

– Elimination of low quality photographs that influence negatively the yield of the global texture;

– Rebuild of the texture construction process;

– Improvement operations of some surfaces too protruding (smoothing);

– Export of the model reconstructed with the textures;

– Scaling of the model in Meshlab and importing in PhotoScan;

– Export of the complete model in the desired format, which will be there point ready for delivery.

Price List:

0 – 300 Photos: 130 €

300 – 1000 Photos: € 130 + € 25 / h

Agisoft PhotoScan

is a Stand-Alone Software that allows you to Reconstruct from simple Photographs a Three-dimensional model that can be used for creating GIS maps, for Reconstruction of Sculptures and Architectural Buildings, for Virtual Visualization.

Your Testimonials

Spiegazioni dettagliatissime e personalizzate. Sicuramente utilizzerò nuovamente il servizio.

Nonostante la mia inesperienza, sono riuscito ad ottenere tutte le info necessarie al raggiungimento del mio obiettivo.

Enrico Napolitano

Complimenti !

invert face orientation

Vorrei sapere perché il modello 3d che creo è scuro nella parte superiore e colorato nella sua parte inferiore? Grazie per avermi aiutato, invertendo l’orientamento delle facce.

La ringrazio davvero tanto!

closing holes

La ringrazio davvero tanto per avermi risolto il problema di chiusura dei buchi che si erano creati nella scatola cranica del modello. a presto

Antonella Scodino

Grazie ancora per tutto l’aiuto che ci sta dando.

La ringrazio per tutti i suoi consigli.

Elena Baglini

Grande !

Il sig. gabriele è sicuramente un punto di riferimento per quello che è il mondo di photoscan.

Giulio Pacella

Consiglio al 100%

Chiarissimo nelle spiegazioni e molto rapido nella consegna dei lavori su commissione.

Fede Idola

Lo consiglio

Molto disponile , lo consiglio

Giuseppe Sorrentino

Thumbs up

A thriving and friendly community of 3D enthusiasts sharing its experience and tutoring in 3d modeling by photogrammetry for hobbyists and professionals.

Josef Baal Moloch Haddad


Tempi di risposta al quesito brevissimi. Grazie mille.

Vincenzo Iusco

Thank you very much Gabriele

Thank you very much Gabriele, Your video has been of great help to me. Very good job, thank you very much again, Greetings

Roberto Lázaro Martínez

5 stelle non bastano!/5 stars are not enought

EN comment You will find many tutorials on the internet regarding photoscan but none of these will be like those offered by agisoft-coaching.com. The agisoft-coaching.com blog is a safe haven for all those who, like me, are looking for but have not found the right answers. Here you can find precise answers and valuable advice… Read more “5 stelle non bastano!/5 stars are not enought”

Michele Luciano